Why a site for toilet roll holders?

Because they are all so different. And when you mind houses and apartments for people, you get to see and use some beauties. You also have no choice but to experience a few absolute shockers too.

Take the one I got stuck with inside a holiday cottage up in the Mountains a while ago. At least forty years old, not only did this archaic dispenser remind me of a rusted out car wreck, it took ages to work out how to replace the paper. Then after finally loading the new roll on and screwing back it into place, when I tried to pull down the first tissue sheets, they wouldn’t budge! Fortunately, I wasn’t in a hurry to “go”. But it did get me thinking how the 21st century has caught up with these antique lavatory accessories, as larger paper rolls no longer fit inside outmoded wall holders.

Look — we know this isn’t a glamorous subject. And yours truly doesn’t expect to change the world with a website about toilet roll holders. But let’s face it, like it or not, just about all of us must interact with them virtually every day.

So what this website intends to do is feature¬† some of the many wall holders and dispensers that are available throughout the world. The goodies and the baddies. The old and the new. What styles look great and work best in various bathrooms. And along with our coming Water Closet Winners section, I’m also planning to put up online a Restroom Rogues Gallery of photos of the losers — like the poor old gold metal disaster I’ve written about in this introduction.¬† Oh yes, and I do promise there will be no stupid toilet humor jokes.

Yes indeed — toilet-roll-holders.com has arrived and it really is something to give a shite about. Sorry — just couldn’t help myself that time.

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